Top Places in Cebu for Landscape Photography

Cebu offers a wide variety of postcard-worthy photos. From the white sand beaches, old heritage sites, natural wonders and even the urban jungle, these will definitely showcase the beauty of Cebu.

Let me share to you few of the places that you can visit for some landscape photography. Take note that the images included are for illustration purposes only and not the best of shots I have. Actually, these items are my photography goals so soon I’d like to capture a better shot of these places.


Cebu has plenty of beautiful old churches like the Basilica Santo Nino or the Metropolitan Cathedral. These churches are rich in history and has contributed to the colorful heritage of Cebu.



The two bridges that connects Mactan Island to Cebu are very iconic landmarks. The combination of its architectural masterpiece and the seascape of Mandaue City makes a landscape photo unique to Cebu.

Like a bridge over troubled water… @sonyxperia #xperiaincontrast

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Probably the most picturesque peak in Cebu, is the Osmena Peak. Not only that the place is one of a kind but the journey to the top is suitable for beginners. There are quite a few mountain ranges in Cebu but this is probably the most visited one.

getting high… #cebuhighestpeak

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Cebu won’t disappoint in terms of beautiful white sand beach destinations. From a few resorts in Mactan Island, you can go up North and enjoy the beautiful islands of Bantayan and Malapascua. Down South, you have Tingko Beach in Alcoy, Lambug Beach in Badian and beaches in Barili and Moalboal.



The Capitol building is one of the structures around Cebu that is beautiful to capture. It has great architectural design. Another structure that is gaining popularity today is the Temple of Leah which brings you to a different country like Greece or Rome.


Again these are just few of the places, that in my opinion, are great for landscape photography. There are lots of awesome places in Cebu that I want to capture and I hope to visit them soon. What other places that best showcase Cebu’s beauty? Share your thoughts and spread good vibes! 🙂

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Summer Adventures Caloy Olano

Summer Adventures with a Smartphone

I used to own a DSLR and I love using it, but the advancement of smartphones made it easier for me to take nice photos in different places. The smartphone is now my default camera because of its portability and ease of use. Here are my 7 most memorable adventures with my smartphone.

Caloy’s Top Adventures with a Smartphone

7. Going to Bohol

Bohol is my dad’s hometown and last year, my brother and I checked the Chocolate Hills a few months after the major earthquake. My Xperia Z1 smartphone has a decent burst called Timeshift Burst which allows me to amazng jumshots. My bother and I were able to some crazy jump shots using just my smartphone.

Bravo Summer Adventures Caloy Olano

6. Island Hopping Mactan

Smartphones are really more than decent when there is enough light which makes it very useful when you go to an island hopping adventure during the summer. The TimeShift Burst allowed me to take some awesome hair whip shots with Caohagan Island in the background.

Nalusuan Summer Adventures Caloy Olano

5. Badian with my Sales Team

One of my favorite “Free” Beaches in Cebu is at Lambug, Badian. We had a summer outing there and we practically Lambug Beach during our stay. I was able to take a nice group jump shot using my smartphone.

Jump Sand Summer Adventures Caloy Olano

4. Movenpick Resort

My wife’s friends from medical school went to enjoy one of Cebu’s top resorts. Even if we just used a smartphone, the pictures were quite awesome.

Jumpshot Summer Adventures Caloy Olano

3. Vising UP Diliman

I went to my college alma mater alone last year. I was able to take a selfie of the sunken garden at UP. I have not visited the place for around 7 years and I was glad I was able to take some photos of landmarks in my old school that I just took for granted while living in Manila.

Diliman Summer Adventures Caloy Olano

2. Sumilon Island

I love using the smartphone when I go to remote resorts like Sumilon Bluewaters. Since my phone is waterproof, I am very confident to take photos while the pool or at the beach. When I was using a DSLR, I always get a bit cautious while shooting at the beach or pool which makes the vacation feel more like work than play.

Infinity Summer Adventures Caloy Olano

1. Underwater Shots

You may buy Go Pro to shoot underwater, but a decent underwater option would be a waterproof phone as long you do not go too deep. I was able to take some underwater shot while fish feeding at Nalusuan. My smartphone did not have issues after dipping it in water.

Underwater Summer Adventures Caloy Olano

If you like travelling during summer, a good alternative to the bulky DSLR is the smartphone. A lot of smartphones now are capable of producing stellar shots as long there is decent light. I have several adventures with a smartphone and I have a lot of nice pictures to show how fun they were.

How about you? Do you have some awesome vacation pics taken from a smartphone? Share it by commenting on this post. 😉

“Summer Adventures with a Smartphone” is a guest post by Caloy Olano of Kalami Cebu and Why Cebu as Day 23 entry for The CBC 30 Day Bloggging Challenge.

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7 Places to Find Good Vibes in the Philippines

7 Places to Find Good Vibes in the Philippines

Are you looking for positivity in your life? Do you want to experience bliss in a travel to a Philippine destination? Good news! If you’re going to ask me who has been checking out places to go to by blog hopping and looking for photos on Instagram, these 7 places are home of different kinds of good vibes you can enjoy with the people you love.

Upon looking at the photos and reading other people’s experiences, these 7 places can surely be source of good vibes to its travelers.

1. Batanes


Situated in the northern part of the Philippines, Batanes is known for its pure ecstasy with nature and perfect for those who are currently living in the busy streets of the metro. It’s perfect to unwind and hear your breathing while looking at the green veranda.

2. Cebu


In Cebu, there are various tourist destination you can choose from. If you go north, don’t forget to check out Malapascua and if you decide to go south, either Moalboal, Badian or Oslob will give good vibes as you will surely enjoy the wonders of nature.

3. Palawan

At the bow of Kyokuzan Maru. #Coron #Palawan #Philippines #ChooseBetter

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Dive and swim with the fishes to see the wonders of the underworld. Experience the ‘good vibes’ as you marvel through the beauty of the corals and everything under the salty water. Going underwater can be more fun if well planned and with someone you love.

4. Bohol


Isn’t it amazing to see almost endless green hills while looking at the clouds as if telling you more blessings will pour anytime soon? The clear blue sky, if lucky enough to see them, may also mean that you’re ready to face the future challenges in life with good vibes and all smiles!

5. Siargao


Ready to surf your journey all way up? In Siargao, dubbed as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, it’s a home for everyone who want to experience a new level of ‘good vibes’ adventure! Make this a must-see destination if you’re into this sport.

6. Vigan


One of the New 7 Wonder Cities of the World, the city of Vigan is a window to the Philippines’ past. If ‘good vibes’ mean looking back of who we are, then this city will let you experience this country during the Spanish era. Relive those memories with the people you love as you move forward in your life’s journey.

7. Iloilo


If there’s one great I love about Ilonggo, it’s their accent. They’re calm and sweet people that everyone would love to talk to. More than its people, Iloilo is known for its Isla de Gigantes (as shown on the image above) and delicacies like La Paz Batchoy and Barquillos.

If you have traveled to these 7 places already or if you have other places not included in this list but deserve a spot, feel free to comment them below.

“7 Places to Find Good Vibes in the Philippines” is a guest post by Romeo Bonsocan of Zuprome as Day 22 entry for The CBC 30 Day Bloggging Challenge.

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Travel Photos By Chanel Marie

Awesome Travel Photos By 10 Cebu Instagramers

I am a very visual person and I enjoy looking at beautiful things.

Then I heard something good about an app many years ago.

They said that it’s a platform where you can see and post beautiful photos.

I downloaded the app and I’ve been enjoying it ever since.

Well, that’s how I got into Instagram.

Most of the time, I browse on the app to see travel photos.

To make sure that my feed is filled with amazing tourist spots, delicious food, and wonderful people, I followed foreign and Cebu Instagramers.

The latter has uploaded travel photos that I’ve been enjoying to see!

Cebu Instagrammers Make Travel Look Cool

The Gay Aida Dumaguing of Exotic Philippines shows us the beauty of a first kiss… from a giraffe!

Two Lovers Point in Guam was so beautiful! @visitguamusa @visitguamph

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Is there anything cuter than love locks?

How does it feel like to be at the highest peak of Cebu?
Amazing, I suppose!

Seeing the Taal Lake in the perspective of Adrenaline Romance makes me calm.
Reaching the top of Mount Maculot must have been exhilarating!

We all need a blanket of cloud to help us fall asleep at night, don’t we?

sun-baked live on the blog! 😊😀

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I don’t mind if I become seriously sun-baked on the beach like this!

Sunrise just makes my heart flutter!

Who has time for yoga and vacation?
Apparently, Laagan Nga Bata has!

Combining travel and parenting isn’t easy.
Victoria must have felt her inner peace when she saw this sunset.

Visiting Coron was one of the best things I did this year.
This is the postcard view on the way to Kayangan Lake.
The climb was a bit exhausting but once you see this view, you can say that your struggle was worth it!
I am a bit biased so I included myself. (laughs)

Those are just some of the photos I love on Instagram.
I hope you enjoyed looking at it.
Feel free to browse on the accounts of these Cebu Instagrammers and follow them to get awesome photos on your feed.

“Awesome Travel Photos By 10 Cebu Instagramers” is a guest post by Channel Marie Imperial from as Day 21 entry for The CBC 30 Day Bloggging Challenge.

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The Adventures of Emjae 2014

The year 2014 is a special one for me. I had a lot of firsts and major changes in my career, love life and blog life. Oh yes, I now have a blog life and it started last February 2014, the love month. It kind of reminds me that this blog was made possible out of love. Love to share stories that more than meets the eye.

One of the favorite things I share in my blog is adventure. This is usually a fun travel or extreme activity that I have done. Let me share to you few Top 5 of the adventures I had in the year 2014.

Osmeña Peak

Our trip to the highest peak in Cebu, at 1013 meters above sea level, was a beautiful experience. I didn’t know that we have a “Little Baguio” here in the Dalaguete with a “Mini Chocolate Hills” view of the horizon. It was definitely a top destination for thrill seekers which is suitable for beginners too. Read it here.
Osmena Peak Mantalungon Dalaguete Cebu

Whale Shark Watching

Another unique experience I had is the encounter with the gentle giants of Oslob. Definitely one of the hottest activity down South of Cebu, the whale shark watching. It is a hot topic because of the environmental and animal welfare concerns and debates that are sparking as well. I am surprised it is still an ongoing so I just hope the people will take care of this wonderful creatures. Read it here.
Whale Shark Watching Oslob Cebu

Tumalog Falls

I have been to a few waterfalls already but the Tumalog Falls in Oslob is just simply majestic. The height of the drops and the smooth cascades of the waters gives a really refreshing treat. Read it here.
Tumalog Falls Oslob Cebu featured image 2


One of the spontaneous trips I had was the adventure in the island of fire, Siquijor. We had a tour around the island visiting the diverse tourist spots like century-old Balete tree, the old churches, springs and waterfalls. The mystery and mystic stories that surrounds the island makes me want to know more about it. Read it here.
Featured cambugahay falls swing siquijor tour emjae fotos


And last but not the least, the beautiful island of Boracay. Well, we did a lot of activities in Boracay but the best one for me is our cliff diving experience in Magic Island. Boracay isn’t just about the white sands, it’s about the adrenaline too. Read it here.
Magic Island Cliff Diving Boracay Island


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Fesatured Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

Finding Simple Joys in Pilar, Camotes Islands

Do you find time to enjoy a little inconvenience? Traveling to a less known and a bit remote destination can put you out of your comfort zones. But it is in these times when we realize how important the things we less appreciate and how simple happiness can be found.

The island of Pilar is a fifth class municipality in the province of Cebu and part of the Camotes Islands. However, it is not part of the mainland Camotes where the majority of the tourist destinations can be found. But my experience in Pilar will always be one of my favorite and one of a kind trip. I got to appreciate the simplicity of life and genuine joy it brings.

Boat Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

Boat from Danao City to Pilar that can carry 200 people.

First of all, the main reason of our trip is to cover the wedding  of my colleague’s relative. He then invited a few of our officemates to join the weekend fun. As every other weddings, it is a tiring job to carry your camera and gears around the whole day from start to finish. After the event, I just said to myself, “I need a break”! So most the images you will see below are grabbed from my friends Van Sherwin and Kesha Marie.

Photos Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

Let me share to the simple joys I have witnessed and experience during our 3 days and 2 nights in Pilar, Camotes:

Spirit of Bayanihan

We arrived the day before the wedding and I can feel the busy people in the community preparing the decorations and catering. Friends, relatives and neighbors were helping hand in hand like tomorrow is a fiesta.

Catering Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

The value of electricity

Did you know that their electricity is not available for 24 hours? It is only from 11AM to 5AM so they have a 6-hour daily brownout. That makes their mornings so quiet that your alarm clocks will be the clucking chickens and the chirping birds.

Lanterns Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

Sky lanterns after the wedding

Roadtrip with extra challenge

The day after the wedding, we traveled around the island on a van with a twist, or should I say push. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the engine so we had to push it to kickstart the engine and I tell it was full of fun and bloopers.

Port Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

Roadtrip around Pilar

Roadtrip Challenge Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

Push, push, hooray!

The Rain and the Beach

As a kid, even now, do you enjoy the beach when it rains? I surely do. It is one of those instances where you don’t worry about your skin getting tanned.

Groufie Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

Don’t worry, be happy!

Fruits in the neighborhood

Another fact I enjoyed when in the province is the availability of fruits and vegetables around the neighborhood. Indeed the best things are for free because the moment you get back to the city, they all comes with a price.

Sineguelas Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

We enjoyed sineguelas and unriped mangoes.

Sleepover with hangover

We spent the night in our friend’s house with a full blast karaoke setup and some booze. It was the best concert ever and we need not to worry if we rocked the place coz they were all in celebration mode too.

Sleepover Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

How I miss sleepovers with hangovers

Disconnect to connect

And lastly,  we got to disconnect from technology. The absence of internet and mobile network allowed us to stay away from our smartphones. Instead, we had our hands full of cards and play with the gang. I am sure sir Albert Einstein would be proud of us. 🙂

Card Games Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

The loser gets a lipstick in the face.

Einstein Simple Joys Pilar Camotes

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Featured Emjae Danao Coco Palms

Coco Palms Resort in Danao Cebu

A third class city in the province of Cebu, Danao is known for its good class of events and destinations like their festival, adventure park and resorts. One is the Coco Palms Resort which is a mix of quiet and dramatic getaway for a needed recreation and relaxation.

Our visit to Coco Palms Resort is one of those random and spontaneous getaways like what we had done in Bantayan Island. We only decided if for days and this time our target is Danao City, Cebu. We were doing a fun shoot or pictorial for our couple friend so we wanted a place to be flexible that can be romantic and at the same time outgoing.

Reception Danao Coco Palms

Coco Palms Resort Reception

We did not have prior reservation when we arrived on a Sunday afternoon but we did not have a problem checking in as there were a lot of rooms available. We did not waste our time and immediately got into business so I scouted the place for nice spots.

While doing the shoot, I also took photos of the resort for blogging purposes. Personally, I like the green environment and soothing style of the landscape that has a lovely view of the sea.

`Pool Slide Danao Coco Palms

Common swimming pool

Common Pool Danao Coco Palms

Kids and adults pool

Cottage Danao Coco Palms

Cottages near the swimming pool

Accomodations Danao Coco Palms

Deluxe accommodations with a wide green field

The resort is situated in a 20,000 square meter property which makes it suitable for big events with hundreds of participants. It is usually used for weddings and receptions,  team buildings and company outings.

Baywalk Danao Coco Palms

A beautiful baywalk with a gorgeous sea view.

Jane 1 Danao Coco Palms

My instant model and test subject.

Hug Danao Coco Palms

Test shots for the shoot. 🙂

The best part of the resort is probably the infinity pool which is available only for checked in guests located at the back of the deluxe rooms. Thanks to the couple who sponsored our stay in the hotel, I love this kind of job! 😀

Infinity Top Danao Coco Palms

Epic aerial view of the infinity pool

Infinity Pool Night Danao Coco Palms

Infinity Rooms Night Danao Coco Palms

Infinity pool is easily accessed from the backdoor of the rooms

Breakfast Danao Coco Palms

Breakfast is served! The view alone makes me full.

I’d like to keep the privacy of the couple so I’m not including their photos here. Looking at the photos, you can try to picture out  the charming spots of the resort. Or else, let me show a few.

Jane Infinity Danao Coco Palms

How do you want to spend your me time?

Infinity Couple Danao Coco Palms

To infinity and beyond…

Infinity Night Danao Coco Palms

Infinity pool + night lights = speechless

Hotel rates

Deluxe Rooms (inclusive of breakfast for two) – Php 3,200.00
Standard Room (inclusive of breakfast for two) – Php 2,500.00
Extra Person
Adult – Php 300.00 – – – Child (3-11 years old) – Php 225.00
Check in time is 2:00 PM and Check out is 12:00 NN

Guest room amenities:
Air-conditioned rooms, Hot & Cold shower, mini-bar, Cable TV,
24hr Front Desk Service, Free Wifi Connection, Room Service, Safety deposit box

Entrance Fee (use of resort facilities)
Adult – Php 150.00 – – – Children (3-11 years old) – Php 75.00
Infant (2 years & below) – Free of charge
Waterpark – Php 100.00 – – – Cottages – Php 500.00

By the way,  they have corkage fees for food (P50 per adult), softdrinks (P150 per case), beer  (P150 per case), liquor (P100 per bottle) and whole lechon (P600). I think the fees of this resort are a bit pricey for many. They don’t have rooms for family or barkada too. Other than that, I love everything about the resort and the picturesque sights it can offer.

Sunrise Danao Coco Palms

For inquiries and reservations, you can call:
Danao Coco Palms Resort, Km. 31, Sabang, Danao City, Cebu
Telephone: (+63 32) 514-5767 – – Fax: (+63 32) 232-3192 – – Mobile: (+63 932) 855-4625

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Featured Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

6 Things About Baker’s Hill That You Will Love

When you’re lost in Puerto Princesa City looking for a pasalubong, chances are you’ll end up in Baker’s Hill. But aside from the fame for Palawan delicacies, they are visited by tourists for the lovely experience you will have. City tours would normally include this on the itinerary which is located at Mitra Road, Brgy. Sta. Monica on top of a hill.

Front Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

Outside Baker’s Hill

There are lots of interesting and picturesque stuff inside and I probably took tons of photos. Here are 6 things about Baker’s Hill that I believe you will love. 🙂

1. The History

Every place has a story to tell and Baker’s Hill has a pretty good one. The owner started with a simple bakeshop that eventually grew and became successful. As a way to give back to the people, the owner decided to create their land into a theme park with an enchanting garden landscape free of entrance fee.

Entrance Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

From the entrance, you can already see the attractive view.

Mansion 2 Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

The towering mansion of the owner.

Chef Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

Just one of the quaint landscape inside.

2. Child-Friendly

Kids will surely love the place because of the child-friendly environment. It has a colorful playground and the trees provide a good shade. Moreover, they have lots of fiber-glass statues of your favorite cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny, Shrek, Snow White and more.

Playground Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

Colorful playground for kids

Looney Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

Looney tunes characters.

Shrek House Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

Shrek’s House with Fiona and Puss

3. The Peacock

They have a mini-zoo and an aviary that houses a few animals but the spotlight is on their colorful birds, the peacocks. They have about 6-8 of them and I can’t remember the last time I saw one. I was just mesmerized by the regal and magnificence of this creature.

Aviary Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

A walk covered with vines going to the aviary.

Peacock Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

Just wow. Lovely feathers.

Peacock 2 Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

A closer look to this beautiful bird.

4. The Little Things

Literally, I am impressed with the little things or should I say the attention to details put on the designs. From the sign boards, to the lamp posts, everything has been carefully crafted that gives world-class look of the place.

Toilet Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

You’ll where to go when nature is calling

Birds Bakers Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

Colorful birds

Totem Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

Tribal statue designs

Need Love Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

All you need is Love!

5. The Romantic Scenery

Lovers will definitely like the views inside Baker’s Hill as they have put so much love into it. They even have a viewing deck that has a good view of the horizon.

Hearts Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

Hearts all over the place

View Deck Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

A very artistic viewing deck

LOVE 2 Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

This is simply lovely

6. The Hopia

And lastly, if you ask someone what pasalubong you must bring when in Baker’s Hill, that would be their delicious hopia. They also have different kinds of breads and pastries for your sweet tooth.

Bakeshop Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

Their bakery.

Sweets Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

Different kinds of pastries.

Hopia Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

The famous and delicious Baker’s Hill hopia for only 50 pesos per box.

Store Baker's Hill Puerto Princesa Palawan

Don’t leave the place without the pasalubong.

Baker’s Hill is just so beautifully unique. The moment you step inside the compound feels like you are brought into a different world. Either it makes you feel like a kid again or just makes you feel in love. Honestly, there are more things I’d love to share but I guess those 6 are enough to say that it’s a must-visit place when in Puerto Princesa. I just love the place and it spreads so much good vibes. 🙂

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Featured Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

Ogtong Cave Resort: A Day Well Spent in Bantayan Island

Bantayan is one of the islands blessed with white sand beaches in the northern tip of Cebu. No wonder tourists, both local and foreign, wouldn’t care traveling 4-5 hours (bus and boat) ride from Cebu City just to get a glimpse of that island tropic feels away from the urban jungle.

Did you ever feel like getting out of the city and go on to a trip spontaneously? Well Jane and I had these out of town plans that got postponed for quiet several times already. So one Friday afternoon, we decided to have a getaway over the weekend in Bantayan without any plans. I just Googled a few resort names and one thing caught my attention, Ogtong Cave Resort. 🙂

North Bus Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

Buses bound for Bantayan at North Bus Terminal. Time check: 3:00 AM

Tired Aya Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

Look who got tired? It’s Aya the Explorer. Arrived in Hagnaya Port at 7AM.

Ogtong Cave Resort is located at Barangay Pooc, Santa Fe and is just 15-minute away from the town proper. A tricycle or pedicab can take you there. What makes this resort stand-out is the relaxing freshwater inside Ogtong Cave aside from the white sand beach and swimming pools.

Reception Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

The reception area

They are open from 8AM to 6PM for day use with an entrance fee of Php100. If you want to stay overnight, they have different rooms to choose from. Later did I know that they offer seaview villa and suite accommodation for high end tourists especially for honeymooners. So expect that it’s a bit pricey but still can be enjoyed in a budget.

Rates Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

Rates as of March 2015. Subject to change.

Address: Brgy. Pooc, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines
Facebook: Santa Fe Beach Club & Ogtong Cave Resort
Tel/Fax: (032) 438-9129 | (032) 512-8928
Mobile: 0920-899-9456 | 0932-433-6282
Note: They have additional 12% VAT on all room rates. Breakfast no included.

Suites Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

Exclusive for honeymoon guest suite only.

Accom Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

Our cottage accommodation for the day. Cute! and that’s all we need.


Their restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and open 24 hours so guests can easily order beverages and goodies ready to eat. It has also a great view of the swimming pool and the sea. The garden landscape and different kinds of flora around the resort adds beauty, peace and freshness of the place.

Pool View Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

Garden view from the restaurant.

Aya Breakfast Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

Recharge your energy. Breakfast is the most important meal.

Swimming Pool

The resort has 2 swimming pools, one for the regular day use visitors and checked-in guests while the other one is exclusive for Deluxe Suite guests. The former is also suitable for kids as nearly half of it is only 2-3 feet deep.

Ayah Ready Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

Aya all pumped up for the splash.

Aya Papa Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

Some fun time with this fella.

The Beach

They have white sand beach but the area along the resort is not that impressive. There’s no  beachline during high tide but on low tide you can walk on a wide stretch of fine white sand. Actually, you can already see the Sugar Beach from here and take stroll.

Talisay Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

A scenic seascape view.

White Sand Walk Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

Aya just having fun running around.

Jump Shot Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

1..2..3.. JUMP! What a fine sunny day.

Ogtong Cave

And here comes the main event where the name of the resort is attributed to, the Ogtong Cave. It is just near the swimming pool and you will take a few steps down into the cave where you can find a clear bluish freshwater lagoon. It is so refreshingly cool even with the scorching heat of the afternoon.

Cave Entrance Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

Entrance to the underground freshwater.

Aya Papa cave Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

The water and air inside is so cool.

Famshot Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

We could stay here all afternoon and relax.

Fam Shot Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

Time for a groufie. Look at that clear waters.

There are lots of interesting things and areas around the resort that are picture perfect. Just like this fence of lovely white bougainvilleas. We can’t help but be cheesy on this one. 🙂

Bougainvilla Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

Caption this…what movie title?

The Night

And after all the fun under the sun, what better way to end the day than stargazing under the Milky Way. Perhaps this is something you don’t see often or not anymore in the city. The city may have five-star hotels but here you have billions of star to show and tell. 🙂

Gazing Stars Ogtong Cave Resort Bantayan Island Cebu

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you…

We had no TV, no internet, no disco music but we had an intimate time with nature. The immense stillness makes the environment so peaceful and serene. Within the silence you hear the whistling sea breeze, the rustle of the tree leaves and the relaxing sound of crickets. It was detoxifying to the mind, body and soul.

It doesn’t matter where you travel, what room you sleep or budget you have as long as you live with the moment, have fun and enjoy the little things. And when you have your best of friends or love ones with you, that my friend for me is a day well spent.

What is a day well spent for you? Share your thoughts and spread good vibes! 🙂

Papaya Beach Jumpshot El Nido Island Hopping Barkada Goals

10 Reasons to Visit El Nido with Friends | #SquadGoals

Traveling with friends can make or break your adventure. Either you have a blast or burn yourself out. It usually takes time to plan but it is more cheaper and merrier.

Lucky for me I just had the right mix of fun-loving and easy-going college buddies for an El Nido island hopping getaway. Let me share to you 10 things why it is more fun to travel with your squad. You can:

1. Enjoy the road trip.

Joyride Road to El Nido Barkada Goals

6 hours trip from Puerto Princesa to El Nido is more fun when you own the van.

2. Start a boat party.

Boat Party El Nido Barkada Goals

You’ll find a lot of idle time hopping between islands. Make it count.

3. Snorkel on crystal clear waters.

Snorkeling Water El Nido Barkada Goals

Don’t miss the underwater beauty. Immerse yourself into the breathtaking marine environment.

4. Take epic jumpshots.

Papaya Beach Jumpshot Snorkel El Nido Palawan Island Hopping

Jumpshots are priceless moments. Challenge your barkada for that perfect shot.

5. Bump-A-Kayak

Kayak Group Small Lagoon El Nido Palawan Island Hopping

Most of us were first-timers and bumped our kayaks often. We were like inside a big arcade game.

6. Indulge into an island feast.

Lunch Entalula Island El Nido Palawan Island Hopping

Boost your appetite with a sumptuous seafood treat on your lunch break. #hungergames

7. Play in the sand like kids.

Secret Beach Parokya El Nido Palawan Island Hopping

You can ignore the world and act like kids again when you’re with the gang.

8. Spell EL NIDO on white sands

Parokyano in El Nido Palawan Island Hopping

When you want to take a nap in style. Believe me, the beaches have powder-fine sands.

9. Relish a Candlelight dinner by the beach.

Candlelight Dinner El Nido Barkada Goals

What better way to end the day with your barkada under the night sky.

10. Lastly, make your adventure into a music video.

A big shout out to my awesome friends, we all had a blast! If pictures are worth thousands of words, then this video is worth a million. So glad to have visited El Nido with these guys and captured the fun. Now, who wouldn’t want me on a getaway? 😉

Now it’s time for your barkada to make this trip happen. Check out our Tour A and Tour C adventure to convince yourself. Good luck on your trip and spread good vibes! 😀