Hi there, I’m Emjae Argallon, a shutterbug based in Cebu Philippines who loves to share what meets my eye through photos. I work in the IT industry by day and take photography as a hobby on my free time. But my ultimate dream is to become a “professional” photographer someday (dream big man 😀 ). Yeah, you know like making a living out of the photos you take and not just the ordinary employee. Libre lang mangarap! 😀

Speaking of journey, I love to travel and find adventure from the mountains, to the streets up to the blue seas. Being based in Cebu, most of my stories are related to the city and province showcasing destinations and happenings through my camera. I aspire to become known as a photoblogger and travel junkie so hopefully Emjae Fotos will be a testament to that. Still a long way to go but I’m enjoying it one step at a time. There is more than meets the eye!

Emjae Fotos is open for features, collaboration or sponsorship. Find me on my social networks or email at emjaefotos[at]gmail[dot]com. Hope you enjoy this blog. 🙂

Do what you love! 📷😉👍 #shoot #share #repeat #emjaefotos

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