Papaya Beach Jumpshot El Nido Island Hopping Barkada Goals

10 Reasons to Visit El Nido with Friends | #SquadGoals

Traveling with friends can make or break your adventure. Either you have a blast or burn yourself out. It usually takes time to plan but it is more cheaper and merrier.

Lucky for me I just had the right mix of fun-loving and easy-going college buddies for an El Nido island hopping getaway. Let me share to you 10 things why it is more fun to travel with your squad. You can:

1. Enjoy the road trip.

Joyride Road to El Nido Barkada Goals

6 hours trip from Puerto Princesa to El Nido is more fun when you own the van.

2. Start a boat party.

Boat Party El Nido Barkada Goals

You’ll find a lot of idle time hopping between islands. Make it count.

3. Snorkel on crystal clear waters.

Snorkeling Water El Nido Barkada Goals

Don’t miss the underwater beauty. Immerse yourself into the breathtaking marine environment.

4. Take epic jumpshots.

Papaya Beach Jumpshot Snorkel El Nido Palawan Island Hopping

Jumpshots are priceless moments. Challenge your barkada for that perfect shot.

5. Bump-A-Kayak

Kayak Group Small Lagoon El Nido Palawan Island Hopping

Most of us were first-timers and bumped our kayaks often. We were like inside a big arcade game.

6. Indulge into an island feast.

Lunch Entalula Island El Nido Palawan Island Hopping

Boost your appetite with a sumptuous seafood treat on your lunch break. #hungergames

7. Play in the sand like kids.

Secret Beach Parokya El Nido Palawan Island Hopping

You can ignore the world and act like kids again when you’re with the gang.

8. Spell EL NIDO on white sands

Parokyano in El Nido Palawan Island Hopping

When you want to take a nap in style. Believe me, the beaches have powder-fine sands.

9. Relish a Candlelight dinner by the beach.

Candlelight Dinner El Nido Barkada Goals

What better way to end the day with your barkada under the night sky.

10. Lastly, make your adventure into a music video.

A big shout out to my awesome friends, we all had a blast! If pictures are worth thousands of words, then this video is worth a million. So glad to have visited El Nido with these guys and captured the fun. Now, who wouldn’t want me on a getaway? 😉

Now it’s time for your barkada to make this trip happen. Check out our Tour A and Tour C adventure to convince yourself. Good luck on your trip and spread good vibes! 😀

22 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Visit El Nido with Friends | #SquadGoals

  1. Jazmine Llaguno says:

    I believe what makes a trip even more enjoyable is when you have good friends to share it with. I tried traveling with 20 people and it was a riot–both literally and figuratively. Haha. Glad your gang enjoyed this place so much.


  2. globaloud says:

    I’ve been there last spring and I must confess it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. Definitely the most beautiful tropical beaches in SE Asia can be found around El Nido.


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